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    I help women achieve satisfaction and lose regret. My clients feel disconnected like you do. Despite being successful in their careers, having a good social life, and feeling generally satisfied, it doesn’t feel like enough.

    When they first come in they feel unfulfilled in romantic relationships or disappointed that their life isn’t matching up to the blueprint they designed for it. They’re used to feeling rewarded or seeing a positive outcome for their efforts.

    They attract the wrong romantic partners, feel unfulfilled, and taken advantage of in their relationships with friends or family. They feel like their reliability is biting them in the ass; that family and friends see them as so capable that they don’t get any support or help.

    Their disappointment gets in the way of the life they want in so many ways. They aren’t the kind of powerhouse they want to be. They feel like they are failing at fulfilling their aspirations and their confidence in living the way they wanted is tanking.

    Before they came to see me, they didn’t think anyone could help. That they were just destined to be unhappy and unfulfilled forever while friends, family, and coworkers seem to have easy, fun lives (almost at my client’s expense).

    Feeling disconnected is isolating.

    Like my clients, you deserve to feel connected in your life.

    Happiness is not out of your reach.

    If you want to feel connected and have fulfilling relationships, I’d love to get you there.

    Call now, you don’t have to struggle. I can help.

    Leave uncertainty behind, get your mojo back.

    About Drew Rabidoux, Therapist

    Hello! My name is Drew. I love traveling and cooking in my spare time. I love to go out for brunch and karaoke with friends. My favorite books to read are by courageous and real female authors like Glennon Doyle. Untamed is my favorite book of all time because it is so raw and true. I’m always game for a last-minute road trip with my family.

    I love working with women who feel stuck but need help finding out why. I know what it’s like to not know what you enjoy anymore because you’ve been paying so much attention to everyone else and what makes them happy instead. I know what it’s like to feel cursed because you’re attracting the wrong partners. Maybe you think you’re destined to be single forever, or worse… settling with the wrong person. Maybe you feel like you’re so confused you don’t know where to start, yet here you are….starting.

    This is the right place and I can help you. Life can be happy, fulfilling, and enjoyable again.

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