• Depression Counseling

    Depression Counseling

    Depression Counseling in New York

    Depression can be deceiving. You might be able to function but the things you used to love do not bring you as much joy anymore. Old hobbies are no longer interesting to you.  In fact, you might not even remember what you liked to do because it has been so long since you have had a smile on your face that wasn’t meant for someone else. 

    Depression is real.  It does not always look the way you think it might. It is not always a person who stays in bed and cannot get up.  You go to work, you get together with friends, you are happy sometimes.  But when you are not happy, you really are not happy. You might cry at the drop of a hat or you might cry alone in your room where no one can see you. 

    I get it. Life is hard.  Most of my clients have felt a sense of relief and lightness after coming to therapy.  Miraculously when you have a place to share your feelings and get support around that, it does not feel like a heavy load you have to carry yourself. Before my clients know it, they feel much more able to enjoy their surroundings and have a little more compassion and understanding for themselves. 

    If you have any of the following symptoms, you might be clinically depressed:

    • Little or no interest in doing things you used to like to do
    • Feeling down, depressed, or hopeless
    • Trouble falling or staying asleep or sleeping too much
    • Feeling tired or having very little energy
    • Poor appetite or overeating
    • Feeling like a failure or that you’ve let others down
    • Trouble concentrating
    • Moving slower than normal or being so fidgety you can’t sit still
    • Feeling that you may be better off dead (this is not uncommon when you are depressed, but if you have intent or a plan to harm yourself, call 911 right away)


    You might take antidepressants, you might not, you might not be interested in them at all. It’s ok.  It’s your choice. I will support you in whatever you choose and help you find the resources to be able to feel better. 

    If you are on medications, I can collaborate with your Psychiatrist or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to make sure you get better. If you need  a psychiatrist, I can recommend some. 

    You might not know where to start, therapy is the first step to making changes in your life. 

    Who is the Right Fit for Drew?

    If you have been in and out of residential treatment centers, attempted to take your life in the past, actively planning to harm yourself, or self-mutilating (cutting or burning yourself), I am not the right fit for you.  You may benefit from a higher level of care than depression counseling that I cannot provide as a solo clinician.

    If you are sad at times, have some of the symptoms of depression, have a support system, and are ready to look at what’s going on and what has happened in your life that might contribute to your depression, we are a good fit. Contact me for a free consultation.