• Immigration Evaluations

    Immigration Evaluations

    When you are facing a situation about whether or not you can stay in the US lawfully, you may need a mental health expert to evaluate you for hardship that deportation or 10 year bar on re-entry can cause to you and/or your family.  You may have also experienced abuse by a US Citizen and need to be evaluated for trauma and the impact on your mental health and ability to return to your country of origin.

    I am experienced in providing psychological assessments for immigration purposes for clients in NY or TX only. I have experience completing evaluations for the following applications/petitions:

    • Extreme hardship waiver
    • VAWA
    • Asylee petitions
    • General Psychological Evaluations for immigrants

    Price: $1500 includes 2 or more interviews, drafts and final of evaluation, and any coordination/meetings with your immigration lawyer.

    Payment plans available on request.

    Expedited Evaluations (done within one week) $2000

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