• Supervision and Training

    Supervision and Training

    Supervision of Master of Social Work (MSW) Interns

    I have been working in the social services field since I was a teenager.  Over the latest part of my career before having my own private practice, I supervised students in their placements throughout New York City.  Not-for-profit agencies have been able to increase capacity of the amount of people they can serve with the help of an MSW intern. Often the agency does not have an LMSW or LCSW to supervise the interns and has Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI) training.  Universities and Colleges require supervision for the student on site in order to accrue the hours they need for their MSW degree. I was certified in SIFI and can supervise interns in your agency. Please reach out to me for more information.

    Supervision of Therapists

    My passion is to help therapists build their practices. I opened my practice and was filled within 2 weeks. The more I expanded, the more clients I received. I left my comfortable 8-4 job in a hospital with full health benefits and a 401k to become an entrepreneur.  I know how hard it is to make the decision to leave a secure job and feel that you have the safety net in place when you finally make the move. I have not regretted my decision not even one day since I left.  I love my job and my business. I want to help you love yours. 

    I started to notice that I often ended up mentoring others who were starting their practices or burned out of the one they had created.  I love helping therapists get excited about running a practice and to build a well-run sustainable business. I love to see therapists create and hold to fees that support the way they want to live.  I do not believe that you must take insurance to have a successful practice. Yes, even through a pandemic and economic uncertainty. 

    I am a resource queen.  I can help you connect with resources that will help you and make you a happier therapist. I will help you increase your revenue and be able to work less (yes, I said that) and earn more. You can work the days that you want, the hours you want, and for the fees you need to have a sustainable life. 

    I have done the work to build a successful practice that I feel good about and I can help you with yours. If you want to have a mentor to help you build, please reach out to me. You do not have to do this alone. 


    Is your agency new to working with the public?

    Do your staff struggle to work with people with different mental health challenges?

    Would you like your staff to have training on anxiety, depression, relationship issues, codependency, and setting boundaries?  Are you a leader who needs some support developing your own skills in working with staff who needs more from you?

    I have experience in working with agencies to train their staff to work with people from diverse mental health challenges. I can give your staff tools to implement in working with the public and to stay safe while doing it. 

    I can tailor training to your agency needs. Please reach out for more information