• Women Diagnosed with Herpes

    Women Diagnosed with Herpes

    Newly Diagnosed?

    Getting a new Herpes diagnosis can hold a lot of feelings. You might feel embarrassed, surprised, ashamed, angry, sad, and with it may come a lot of anxiety about the future of your romantic relationships. All of this is totally normal. It can help to talk to someone about those feelings, especially if they are other people that understand all the feelings that a Herpes Diagnosis brings.  If you are interested in a women’s group for women diagnosed with Herpes, please contact me for more information. I am forming a group to start this fall!

    Herpes Diagnosis and Adjusting to the “New Normal.”

    So, the shock of being diagnosed has subsided. You mostly know how to cope with painful outbreaks, have been thinking about how to talk to sexual partners about your diagnosis, and are getting used to the idea that this is something that you’ll have to adjust to.

    You might be wondering how to talk to a new partner about your diagnosis or whether you should tell them at all?  It brings up all the feelings and you need some extra support and guidance. Have you ever heard the saying that “teamwork makes the dream work?” It’s true. You do not need to go through this alone.  Having an understanding therapist or a group for support can help.

    Herpes is not the end of the world, and you can get support. Even though it may not seem like it right now, Herpes can be the catalyst for addressing issues you may have not dealt with yet and now are forced to. Herpes can highlight issues with self-esteem, partner selection, stress/anxiety, and boundary setting. All of these issues can be positively benefitted by addressing them in a group or in one-on-one therapy.

    Why Am I the Right Person to Work With Women with Herpes?

    I have worked in the sexually transmitted disease (STD) field since I was 19 years old.  The grey hair should tell you how long ago that was!  I have worked with teens at risk for developing STDs.  I also worked in a medical center with people with STDs. Herpes typically had a very unique impact on my clients. Herpes is the intersection of my love for working with people with STDs and women having trouble in relationships, self-esteem, and boundaries.

    Also, have you tried to find a therapist that specializes in working with women diagnosed with Herpes in NYC?  There aren’t many, this is a population where there is a strong need. With an STD like Herpes, I strongly believe you need someone who understands your struggle, who has helped others with similar struggles.  Also the opportunity to combine a group of diverse women throughout NY for a group who are diagnosed with Herpes is exciting.  You get to have a group of women that will support you.  Who doesn’t need that?

    If you think we might be a fit, contact me!